Army Letters From An Officer's Wife, 1871-1888, By Frances M.A. Roe

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much excitement we will probably never know - and of course we should
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Army Letters From An Officer's Wife, 1871-1888, By Frances M.A. Roe - Page 110 of 410 - First - Home

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What Was The Cause Of So Much Excitement We Will Probably Never Know - And Of Course We Should Not Have Gone There Without An Officer, And Yet, What Could One Man Have Done Against All Those Savages!

We were honored by a visit from a chief the other day.

He was a Cheyenne from the village, presumably, and his name was White Horse. He must have been born a chief for he was young, very dignified, and very good-looking, too, for an Indian. Of course his face was painted in a hideous way, but his leggings and clothing generally were far more tidy than those of most Indians. His chest was literally covered with polished teeth of animals, beads, and wampum, arranged artistically in a sort of breastplate, and his scalp lock, which had evidently been plaited with much care, was ornamented with a very beautiful long feather.

Fortunately Faye was at home when he came, for he walked right in, unannounced, except the usual "How!" Faye gave him a chair, and this he placed in the middle of the room in a position so he could watch both doors, and then his rifle was laid carefully upon the floor at his right side. He could speak his name, but not another word of English, so, thinking to entertain him, Faye reached for a rifle that was standing in one corner of the room to show him, as it was of a recent make. Although the rifle was almost at the Indian's back the suspicious savage saw what Faye was doing, and like a flash he seized his own gun and laid it across his knees, all the time looking straight at Faye to see what he intended to do next.

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