Army Letters From An Officer's Wife, 1871-1888, By Frances M.A. Roe

 -  There were two at Rock Creek, but they
were uninteresting - did not wear chaps, pistols, or even big spurs.
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There Were Two At Rock Creek, But They Were Uninteresting - Did Not Wear "Chaps," Pistols, Or Even Big Spurs. At The Bird-Tail Not One Sheep Was To Be Seen - Every One Had Been Sheared, And The Big Band Driven Back To Its Range.

Miss Duncan is a pretty girl, and unaffected, and will have a delightful visit at this Western army post, where young girls from the Eastdo not come every day.

And then we have several charming young bachelors!


THE excitement is about over. Our guests have returned to their homes, and now we are settling down to our everyday garrison life. The wedding was very beautiful and as perfect in every detail as adoring father and mother and loving friends could make it. It was so strictly a military wedding, too - at a frontier post where everything is of necessity "army blue" - the bride a child of the regiment, her father an officer in the regiment many years, and the groom a recent graduate from West Point, a lieutenant in the regiment. We see all sorts of so-called military weddings in the East - some very magnificent church affairs, others at private houses, and informal, but there are ever lacking the real army surroundings that made so perfect the little wedding of Wednesday evening.

The hall was beautifully draped with the greatest number of flags of all sizes - each one a "regulation," however - and the altar and chancel rail were thickly covered with ropes and sprays of fragrant Western cedars and many flowers, and from either side of the reredos hung from their staffs the beautifully embroidered silken colors of the regiment.

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