Australian Search Party - A Record Of Discovery, Geography, And Adventure By Charles Henry Eden

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world, improvements when once set afoot, proceed with marvellous celerity,
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In This, Our Newest World, Improvements When Once Set Afoot, Proceed With Marvellous Celerity, And A Turn Of Fortune's Wheel May In A Single Year Convert A Howling Wilderness Into A Flourishing Township.

But I find myself digressing again, and resisting rambling thoughts, must revert to our preparations for the morrow.


The meeting at which we had just been present, took place on the morning following our return from the search on Hinchinbrook Island; and not only was another day indispensable for the arrangements that were necessary, but we also felt that one more night of comfortable rest would render us better able to encounter the fatigues of the coming expedition. Only bushmen and explorers can appreciate the intense enjoyment of a night of unbroken rest between the sheets, after knocking about for a length of time, catching sleep by snatches, and never knowing the luxury of undressing. Turning in like a trooper's horse, "all standing," as the nautical phrase is, may be an expeditious method of courting the sleepy god, but it certainly is not the best for shaking off fatigue. Bound up in the garments you have carried all day, the muscles are unable to relax to their full, the circulation of the blood is impeded, and your slumber, though deep, is not refreshing; more particularly when - as had happened to us on this last trip - our boots were so soaked that we were afraid to take them off, lest we should find it impossible to struggle into them in the morning. Dunmore's camp was also some distance from the township, and he had to visit it to find out how matters had gone on in his absence, to get another trooper in the place of poor Cato, and to replenish his exhausted wardrobe and ammunition.

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