Australian Search Party - A Record Of Discovery, Geography, And Adventure By Charles Henry Eden

 -   The gunyahs were better
constructed than usual, and consisted of saplings bent in an arch and
covered with tea-tree - Page 40
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The Gunyahs Were Better Constructed Than Usual, And Consisted Of Saplings Bent In An Arch And Covered With Tea-Tree Bark, A Great Improvement On All The Native Dwellings We Had Hitherto Seen, Which Were Generally Little Better Than A Rude Screen Against The Wind.

But our time was precious, for we carried but little provision; and we could not afford to loiter about,

Even in so pleasant a spot as this little bay; so, after dispatching a hasty dinner, we started off afresh, to the immense relief of the gins, and got out of the valley by another pass, which Lizzie showed us. I must not forget to mention one ludicrous circumstance, which convulsed us with laughter. The gins showed such curiosity about Lizzie's pipe, that she handed it round and made them each take a puff. Their expressions, when the pungent smoke caused them either to sneeze, cough, or choke, were most laughable; and I have no doubt that it is still a matter of wonder to them, and a fruitful source of debate over the camp-fires, what pleasure the white man can find in filling his mouth with smoke, apparently with no better object than to puff it out again as soon as possible. Our course now lay due south, and the travelling was much the same as in the morning, that is to say, as bad and as fatiguing as it well could be. Lizzie said she could take us to another bay, where there were sure to be more blacks; and so we trudged patiently along under her guidance, with the sun blazing down so fiercely that the carbine-barrels became quite heated.

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