Australian Search Party - A Record Of Discovery, Geography, And Adventure By Charles Henry Eden

 -   Three or
four of the party had ventured out, and we had secured a large sackful,
after which we all - Page 10
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Three Or Four Of The Party Had Ventured Out, And We Had Secured A Large Sackful, After Which We All Retired To The Tent, Except One Of Our Number, Who, Having A Lady-Love In Cardwell With An Inordinate Affection For Shell-Fish, Lingered To Fill A Haversack For His 'inamorata'.

We were comfortably smoking our pipes and watching with satisfaction the tide rising higher and higher, when a faint "coo-eh" from the direction of the rock reached us, followed by another and another and another, each one more shrill than the last.

"By Jove, Wordsworth's in some trouble!" exclaimed one of our party, and, snatching up our carbines, we hurried to the end of the island at which stood the Sail Rock. The tide had now risen considerably, and the water between the rock and ourselves was over four feet deep, and increasing in depth each moment. We saw poor Wordsworth clinging on to the slippery wall, as high up as the smooth mass afforded hand-hold.

"Come along, old fellow!" we shouted; "it's not up to your neck yet."

"He turned his head over his shoulder - even at the distance we were, its pallor was quite visible - and slowly and cautiously releasing one hand, he pointed to the water between himself and the island.

"By Jove!" cried the pilot, "he's bailed up by a shark, look at his sprit-sail!" and following his finger we saw an enormous black fin sailing gently to and fro, as regularly and methodically as a veteran sentry paces the limits of his post.

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