We Of The Never-Never By Jeanie
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Three Days' Spell At Anthony's, To Wait For The Queensland Mail-Man From The "Other-Side" (Another Fizzer No Doubt, For The Bush Mail-Service Soon Culls Out The Unfitted), An Exchange Of Mail-Bags, And Then The Downs Must Be Faced Again With The Same Team Of Horses.

Even the Fizzer owns that "tackling the Downs for the return trip's a bit sickening; haven't had time to forget what it feels like, you know," he explains.

Inside to Anthony's, three days' spell, over the Downs again, stopping for another drink at that well, along the stage "that's a bit off," and back to the "kid's game," dropping mail-bags in twos and threes as he goes in, and collecting others as he comes out, to say nothing of the weary packing and unpacking of his team. That is what the Fizzer had to do by half-past eleven four weeks.

"And will go hopelessly on the spree at the end of the trip," say uncharitable folk; but they do not know our Fizzer. "Once upon a time I was a bad little boy," our Fizzer says now, "but since I learnt sense a billy of tea's good enough for me."

And our Fizzer is not the only man out-bush who has "learnt sense." Man after man I have met who found tea "good enough," and many more who "know how to behave themselves." Sadly enough, there are others in plenty who find their temptations too strong for them - temptations that the world hardly guesses at.

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