We Of The Never-Never By Jeanie
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"Back Again!" Mac Called, Light-Hearted As A Schoolboy Just Escaped From Drudgery, While Bertie's Nellie, As A Matter Of Course, Was Overcome With Ecstatic Giggles.

With Mac and the showers with us, we felt there was little left to wish for, and told Brown

Of the Bulls that he might now prepare to enjoy himself, and with a chuckle of anticipation Brown "hoped" the entertainment would prove "up to samples already met with," as he could "do with a little enjoyment for a change."


As a matter of course, Bertie's Nellie quietly gathered the reins of management into her own hands, and as a matter of course, Jimmy's Nellie indulged in ear-splitting continuous protest, and Brown of the, Bulls expressed himself as satisfied, so far, with the entertaining powers of the homestead.

As a matter of course, we left the servant problem to work out its own solution, and, also as a matter of course, the Sanguine Scot was full of plans for the future but particularly bubbling over with the news that he had secured Tam-o'-Shanter for a partner in the brumby venture.

"He'll be along in a few days," he explained, confident that he was "in luck this time all right," and remembering Tam among the horses at the Katherine, we congratulated him.

As a matter of course, our conversation was all of brumbies, and Mac was also convinced that "when you reckoned everything up there was a good thing in it."

"Of course it'll take a bit of jumping round," he agreed.

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