We Of The Never-Never By Jeanie
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The Missus Had Become "Gadgerrie" To The Old Men And Certain Privileged Lubras.

What it means I do not know, excepting that it seemed to imply fellowship.

Perhaps it meant "old pal" or "mate," or, judging from the tone of voice that accompanied it, "old girl," but more probably, like "Maluka," untranslatable. The Maluka was always "Maluka" to the old men, and to some of us who imitated them.

Dan came in the day after the Maluka, and, hearing of our "affairs," took all the credit of it to himself.

"Just shows what a bit of educating'll do," he said. "The Dandy would have had a gay old time of it if I hadn't put you up to their capers"; and I had humbly to acknowledge the truth of all he said.

"I don't say you're not promising well," he added, satisfied with my humility. "If Johnny'll only stay away long enough, we'll have you educated up to doing without a house."

Within a week it seemed as though Johnny was aiding and abetting Dan in his scheme of education; for he sent in word that his "cross-cut saw," or something equally important, had doubled up on him, and he was going back to Katherine to "see about it straight off."


Before the mustered horses were drafted out, every one at the homestead, blacks, whites, and Chinese, went up to the stockyard to "have a look at them."

Dan was in one of his superior moods. "Let's see if she knows anything about horses," he said condescendingly, as the Quiet Stockman opened the mob up a little to show the animals to better advantage.

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