A Narrative Of The Expedition To Botany Bay By Watkin Tench

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At The Same Time That The Boats Of The Fleet Were Sent On This Pursuit, Information Was Given To The Spanish Governor Of What Had Happened, Who Immediately Detached Parties Every Way In Order To Apprehend The Delinquent.

Having remained a week at Teneriffe, and in that time completed our stock of water, and taken on board

Wine, &c. early on the morning of the 10th of June we weighed anchor, and stood out to sea with a light easterly breeze. The shortness of our stay, and the consequent hurry, prevented our increasing much any previous knowledge we might have had of the place. For the information of those who may follow us on this service, it may not, however, be amiss to state the little that will be found of use to them.

The markets afford fresh meat, though it is neither plentiful nor good. Fish is scarce; but poultry may be procured in almost any quantity, at as cheap a rate as in the English sea-ports. Vegetables do not abound, except pumpkins and onions, of which I advise all ships to lay in a large stock. Milch goats are bought for a trifle, and easily procured. Grapes cannot be scarce in their season; but when we were here, except figs and excellent mulberries, no fruit was to be procured. Dry wines, as the merchants term them, are sold from ten to fifteen pounds a pipe; for the latter price, the very best, called the London Particular, may be bought:

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