A Narrative Of The Expedition To Botany Bay By Watkin Tench

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precarious, Governor Phillip has determined on procuring - Page 90
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But As This Is An Event At A Distance, And In Itself Very Precarious, Governor Phillip Has Determined On Procuring

A supply of flour and other necessaries from the Cape of Good Hope, as our stock on hand is found

To be, on examination, not quite so ample as had been reckoned upon. To execute this purpose his Excellency has ordered the Sirius to prepare for the voyage; by which conveyance the opportunity of writing to you is afforded me. It was at first intended to dispatch the Sirius to some of the neighbouring islands (the Friendly or Society) in the Pacific Ocean, to procure stock there, but the uselessness of the scheme, joined to the situation of matters here, has, happily for us, prevented its being put into execution.

End of A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay by Watkin Tench

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