Marco Paul's Voyages & Travels: Vermont By Jacob Abbott

 -  After passing the
chasm, they got back to the stream again.

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After Passing The Chasm, They Got Back To The Stream Again.

They came out into the open country about one o'clock, and found to their great joy that they were very near the place where the horses were pastured.

The horses were all ready for them, and Forester and Marco mounted them immediately, and set out on their return home.

It was very pleasant riding along at their ease on horseback, after all the dangers and fatigues that they had encountered. A part of the way the road which they took lay along the shore of the river. Marco enjoyed this part of the ride very much indeed.

They reached home about sunset, with an excellent appetite for supper. Marco was very enthusiastic in his manner of giving his aunt Forester an account of his adventures, and he said, in conclusion, that he would just as lief get lost in the woods as not. It was good fun.


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