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orders, and to give directions how to proceed to recover the lost oar - Page 110
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All Began To Shout Out Exclamations And Orders, And To Give Directions How To Proceed To Recover The Lost Oar.

The boys whose oars were still left, thrust them confusedly into the water, and began pushing, poking, and paddling with

Them, in order to get the boat out to where Joseph's oar was floating. All this time Forester remained on the bank, laughing at this specimen of nautical command and subordination.

After a time the oar was recovered, and Marco, after much scolding and vociferation, got his crew in order again. Forester said that he would remain where he was, on the bank, until Marco had tried his oarsmen a little. So Marco went on giving his orders. He succeeded finally in getting the boys all in their seats again, with their oars in their hands.

"Now, boys, mind," said he, "and I'll tell you exactly what to do. _Attention!_ When I say _Attention_, you must all stop talking. _Attention!_ Now you mustn't speak a word. You must hold your oars out over the water and have them all ready, the handles in your hands, and when I say _Give way_, then you must all begin to row, all together exactly, so as to keep the stroke. You must keep the stroke with the stroke-oarsman."

But the boys did not know who the stroke-oarsman was, and they began clamorously to inquire, notwithstanding the injunction to silence which they had received. Marco explained to them that the stroke-oarsman was the one who sat nearest to him, that is, the one farthest aft.

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