Sir Humphrey Gilbert's Voyage To Newfoundland By Edward Hayes

 -  We had sight of an island named
Penguin, of a fowl there breeding in abundance almost incredible,
which cannot fly - Page 20
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We Had Sight Of An Island Named Penguin, Of A Fowl There Breeding In Abundance Almost Incredible, Which Cannot Fly,

Their wings not able to carry their body, being very large (not much less than a goose) and exceeding fat,

Which the Frenchmen use to take without difficulty upon that island, and to barrel them up with salt. But for lingering of time, we had made us there the like provision.

Trending this coast, we came to the island called Baccalaos, being not past two leagues from the main; to the north thereof lieth Cape St. Francis, five leagues distant from Baccalaos, between which goeth in a great bay, by the vulgar sort called the Bay of Conception. Here we met with the /Swallow/ again, whom we had lost in the fog, and all her men altered into other apparel; whereof it seemed their store was so amended, that for joy and congratulation of our meeting, they spared not to cast up into the air and overboard their caps and hats in good plenty. The captain, albeit himself was very honest and religious, yet was he not appointed of men to his humour and desert; who for the most part were such as had been by us surprised upon the narrow seas of England, being pirates, and had taken at that instant certain Frenchmen laden, one bark with wines, and another with salt. Both which we rescued, and took the man-of-war with all her men, which was the same ship now called the /Swallow/; following still their kind so oft as, being separated from the General, they found opportunity to rob and spoil.

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