Through Five Republics On Horseback Being An Account Of Many Wanderings In South America By G. Whitfield Ray
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Through Five Republics On Horseback Being An Account Of Many Wanderings In South America By G. Whitfield Ray - Page 7 of 313 - First - Home

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At The Present Day No Part Of The Vast Continent Is Ruled By Either Spain Or Portugal, But Ten Independent Republics Have Their Different Flags And Governments.

Since its early discovery South America has been pre-eminently a country of bloodshed.

Revolution has succeeded revolution and hundreds of thousands of the bravest have been slain, but, phoenix- like, the country rises from its ashes.

Fifty millions of people now dwell beneath the Southern Cross and speak the Portuguese and Spanish languages, and it is estimated that, with the present rate of increase, 180 millions of people will speak these languages by 1920.

South America is, pre-eminently, the coming continent. It is more thinly settled than any other part of the world. At least six million miles of its territory are suitable for immigrants - double the available territory of the United States. "No other tract of good land exists that is so large and so unoccupied as South America." [Footnote: Dr. Wood, Lima, Peru, in "Protestant Missions in South America."] "One of the most marvellous of activities in the development of virgin lands is in progress. It is greater than that of Siberia, of Australia, or the Canadian North-West." [Footnote: The Outlook, March, 1908.] Emigrants are pouring into the continent from crowded Europe, the old order of things is quickly passing away, and docks and railroads are being built. Bolivia is spending more than fifty million dollars in new work. Argentina and Chile are pushing lines in all directions.

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