Through Five Republics On Horseback Being An Account Of Many Wanderings In South America By G. Whitfield Ray
 -  She is said to be very
fond of these fights, which are immoral and full of bloody cruelty.
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She Is Said To Be Very Fond Of These Fights, Which Are Immoral And Full Of Bloody Cruelty. This Year The Bulls Were To Kill The Men, Or The Men The Bulls, And The Awful Drunkenness I Cannot Describe.

After this collection the bishop came over here, and is said to have taken away some of the money.

Soon after he died, and the people here say that 'Our Lady' was angry with him."

From a recent list of prayers used in the Church of Rome I select the following expressions:

"Queen of heaven and earth, Mother of God, my Sovereign Mistress, I present myself before you as a poor mendicant before a mighty Queen.

"All is subject to Mary's empire, even God Himself. Jesus has rendered Mary omnipotent: the one is omnipotent by nature, the other omnipotent by grace.

"You, O Holy Virgin, have over God the authority of a mother.

"It is impossible that a true servant of Mary should be damned.

"My soul is in the hands of Mary, so that if the Judge wishes to condemn me the sentence must pass through this clement Queen, and she knows how to prevent its execution.

"We, Holy Virgin, hope for grace and salvation from you.

"Dispensatrix of Divine Grace."

How history repeats itself! How hard paganism is to kill! The ancient Egyptians worshipped the "Queen of Heaven." Jeremiah, as far back as 587 B.C., prophesied desolation to Judah for having "burned incense to the Queen of Heaven," and poured out "drink offerings" unto her, and "made cakes to worship her." - Jer.

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