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Thus I came out of the contest a loser, but as a compensation had the
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Thus I Came Out Of The Contest A Loser, But As A Compensation Had The Knowledge That My Physicians Were False Prophets; That, Barring Accidents, I Could Count On Thirty, Forty, Even Fifty Years With Their Summers And Autumns And Winters.

I And that was the life I desired - the life the heart can conceive - the earth life.

When I hear people say they have not found the world and life so agreeable or interesting as to be in love with it, or that they look with equanimity to its end, I am apt to think they have never been properly alive nor seen with clear vision the world they think so meanly of, or anything in it - not a blade of grass. Only I know that mine is an exceptional case, that the visible world is to me more beautiful and interesting than to most persons, that the delight I experienced in my communing with Nature did not pass away, leaving nothing but a recollection of vanished happiness to intensify a present pain. The happiness was never lost, but owing to that faculty I have spoken of, had a cumulative effect on the mind and was mine again, so that in my worst times, when I was compelled to exist shut out from Nature in London for long periods, sick and poor and friendless, I could yet always feel that it was infinitely better to be than not to be.


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