Far Away And Long Ago A History Of My Early Life By W. H. Hudson


Then my elder brother returned, an event of the greatest importance in
my life; and as he had not been - Page 350
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Then My Elder Brother Returned, An Event Of The Greatest Importance In My Life; And As He Had Not Been

Expected so soon, I was for a minute in doubt that this strange visitor could be my brother, so greatly

Had he altered in appearance in those five long years of absence, which had seemed like an age to me. He had left us as a smooth-faced youth, with skin tanned to such a deep colour that with his dark piercing eyes and long black hair he had looked to me more like an Indian than a white man. Now his skin was white, and he had grown a brown beard and moustache. In disposition, too, he had grown more genial and tolerant, but I soon discovered that in character he had not changed.

As soon as an opportunity came he began to interrogate and cross- question me as to my mind - life and where I stood, and expressed himself surprised to hear that I still held to the creed in which we had been reared. How, he demanded, did I reconcile these ancient fabulous notions with the doctrine of evolution? What effect had Darwin produced on me? I had to confess that I had not read a line of his work, that with the exception of Draper's History of Civilisation, which had come by chance in my way, I had during all those five years read nothing but the old books which had always been on our shelves. He said he knew Draper's History, and it was not the sort of book for me to read at present.

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