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I Was Not Yet Able To Appreciate The Lofty Artificial Style, And Soon Fell On Something Better Suited To My Boyish Taste In Letters - -A History Of Christianity In, I Think, Sixteen Or Eighteen Volumes Of A Convenient Size.

The simple natural diction attracted me, and I was soon convinced that I could not have stumbled on more fascinating reading than the lives of the Fathers of the Church included in some of the earlier volumes, especially that of Augustine, the greatest of all:

How beautiful and marvellous his life was, and his mother Monica's! what wonderful books he wrote!-his _Confessions and City of God_ from which long excerpts were given in this volume.

These biographies sent me to another old book, _Leland on Revelation_, which told me much I was curious to know about the mythologies and systems of philosophy of the ancients - the innumerable false cults which had flourished in a darkened world before the dawn of the true religion.

Next came _Carlyle's French Revolution_ and at last Gibbon, and I was still deep in the _Decline and Fall_ when disaster came to us: my father was practically ruined, owing, as I have said in a former chapter, to his childlike trust in his fellow-men, and we quitted the home he had counted as a permanent one, which in due time would have become his property had he but made his position secure by a proper deed on first consenting to take over the place in its then ruinous condition.

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