Far Away And Long Ago A History Of My Early Life By W. H. Hudson

 -  He had drifted into that outlandish
place when young, and finding the native system of life congenial had
made himself - Page 270
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He Had Drifted Into That Outlandish Place When Young, And Finding The Native System Of Life Congenial Had Made Himself

As much of a native as he could, and dressed like them and talked their language, and was horse-breaker,

Cattle-drover, and many other things by turn, and like any other gaucho he could make his own bridle and whip and horse-gear and lasso and bolas out of raw hide. And when not working he could gamble and drink like any gaucho to the manner born - and fight too. But here there was a difference. Jack could affiliate with the natives, yet could never be just like them. The stamp of the foreigner, of the Englishman, was never wholly eradicated. He retained a certain dignity, a reserve, almost a stiffness, in his manner which made him a marked man among them, and would have made him a butt to the wits and bullies among his comrades but for his pride and deadly power. To be mocked as a foreigner, a gringo, an inferior being, was what he could not stand, and the result was that he had to fight, and it then came as a disagreeable revelation that when Jack fought he fought to kill. This was considered bad form; for though men were often killed when fighting, the gaucho's idea is that you do not fight with that intention, but rather to set your mark upon and conquer your adversary, and so give yourself fame and glory.

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