Australian Search Party - A Record Of Discovery, Geography, And Adventure By Charles Henry Eden

 -   Now on the receipt of this
unwelcome intelligence, the first thing that would strike the blacks would
be the facilities - Page 4
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Now On The Receipt Of This Unwelcome Intelligence, The First Thing That Would Strike The Blacks Would Be The Facilities

For concealment afforded by Gould or Garden Islands, more particularly had they any captives; and they would say to themselves

That we should certainly overlook these two out-of-the-way little spots; and when we were busy on Hinchinbrook, they could easily paddle themselves and their prisoners to some of the more distant chain of islands, where they could lie by until all fear of pursuit was past. Such was the opinion both of the troopers and of the experienced bushmen; and as we were fully resolved to leave them no loophole for escape, we jumped into our boat and pulled gently over to Garden Island.

It was about seven o'clock in the morning when we started, six strong - four whites, and Cato, and Ferdinand - well armed, and with a good supply of provisions. The sun was already very hot, and the water smooth as glass, save where the prow of the boat broke the still surface into a tiny ripple, which continued plainly visible half a mile astern. I find it difficult to bring before the reader the thousand curious objects that met us on our way. The sullen crocodile basking in the sun, sank noiselessly; a splash would be heard, and a four feet albicore would fling himself madly into the air, striving vainly to elude the ominous black triangle that cut the water like a knife close in his rear.

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