Australian Search Party - A Record Of Discovery, Geography, And Adventure By Charles Henry Eden

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I May Also Here Mention, For The Information Of Such Of My Readers As May Not Have Read The Preceding

Portions of the narrative, that Cardwell is the name of a small township situated on the shores of Rockingham Bay;

And that Townsville is a settlement some hundred miles further south, known also as Cleveland Bay.


We were all much pleased at a piece of intelligence brought up by the 'Daylight', to the effect that a party of volunteers had been assembled at Cleveland Bay, and intended coming up in a small steamer to the south end of Hinchinbrook, to assist in the search for the missing crew. As it would be of the utmost importance that both parties should co-operate, I sent my boat down to the mouth of the channel, with a note to the leader of the expedition announcing our intention of landing on the north end of the island and working towards the centre; and requesting them to scour their end, and then push northward, when we should most probably meet in the middle of the island. The boat had orders to wait at the bar until the arrival of the steamer, and then to return with all speed. In the meanwhile, the 'Daylight' was discharging her cargo, and we were making preparations for what we well knew would prove a most arduous undertaking; the sequel will show that we did not overrate the difficulties before us.

At the risk of being tedious, I must explain to the reader some of the peculiarities of Hinchinbrook Island.

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