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on the little island were not in a much better condition, for, upon
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Those Who Were Got On The Little Island Were Not In A Much Better Condition, For, Upon Taking An Account Of Their Water, They Found They Had Not Above 40 Gallons For 40 People, And On The Larger Island, Where There Were 120, Their Stock Was Still Less.

Those on the little island began to murmur, and to complain of their officers, because they did not go

In search of water, in the islands that were within sight of them, and they represented the necessity of this to Captain Pelsart, who agreed to their request, but insisted before he went to communicate his design to the rest of the people; they consented to this, but not till the captain had declared that, without the consent of the company on the large is land, he would, rather than leave them, go and perish on board the ship. When they were got pretty near the shore, he who commanded the boat told the captain that if he had anything to say, he must cry out to the people, for that they would not suffer him to go out of the boat. The captain immediately attempted to throw himself overboard in order to swim to the island. Those who were in the boat prevented him; and all that he could obtain from them was, to throw on shore his table-book, in which line wrote a line or two to inform them that he was gone in the skiff to look for water in the adjacent islands.

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