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The deputation was accompanied by Father Smyth.  It was a starry night,
and rather cold; the moon shone in all - Page 80
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The Deputation Was Accompanied By Father Smyth.

It was a starry night, and rather cold; the moon shone in all its southern splendour. On approaching the

Main road, the noisy band of Row's Circus, and the colonial cursing and shouting from inveterate grog-bibbers, forced into my mind the meditation, 'Unde bella et pugna infer vos?' etc. - James, chap. iv.

We met here and there several groups, who were anxiously discussing the events of the day, and the probable consequences. Mr. Black kindly and plainly informed them of our mission. On reaching the bridge, we found it guarded by the police. Father Smyth had an easy pass, and went by himself to speak first at head-quarters, for the safety of our persons.

Chapter XLI.

The Eureka Stockade. The Consequence Of Some Pirates Wanting On Quarter-Deck A Rebellion.

At last the deputation was before King Rede, whose shadow by moonshine, as he held his arm a la Napoleon, actually inspired me with reverence; but behold! only a marionette was before us. Each of his words, each of his movements, was the vibration of the telegraphic wires directed from Toorak. He had not a wicked heart; some knew him for his benevolence, and he helped many an honest digger out of trouble. Once I had seen him with my mate, Paul Brentani, about manufacturing bricks from the splendid clay of Gravel-pits. Mr. Rede received us as a gentleman, and, by way of encouragement, said to Paul, 'Je veux bien vous aider, car tout est encore a batir a Ballaarat, et il nous faut des briques - revenez me voir.' And yet, on the gold-field, this man was feared by the few who could not help it, respected by the many - detested by all, because he was the Resident Commissioner - that is, all the iniquities of officialdom at the time were indiscriminately visited on his gold-lace cap, which fact so infatuated his otherwise not ordinary brains, that they protruded through his eyes, whenever he was sure he had to perform a dooty.

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