The Eureka Stockade By Raffaello Carboni

 -   He was a self-educated man, but wanted judgment
to discipline his fermenting brain, for the control of his heart - Page 70
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He Was A Self-Educated Man, But Wanted Judgment To Discipline His Fermenting Brain, For The Control Of His Heart,

Which was good, honest, always warm, affectionate to man, woman, and child. When he took his quill he was 'all

There,' but soon manifested the sort of reading of his youth; and experience, however hard, had not yet taught him the sober reality of the things of the world - that is, he had remained an Irishman, not John Bullised.

6. Oh! you long-legged VERN! with the eyes of an opossum, a common nose, healthy-looking cheeks, not very small mouth, no beard, long neck for Jack Ketch, broad shoulders, never broken down by too much work, splendid chest, long arms - the whole of your appearance makes you a lion amongst the fair sex, in spite of your bad English, worse German, abominable French. They say you come from Hanover, but your friends have seen too much in you of the Mexico-Peruvian. You belong to the school of the 'Illuminated Cosmopolitans;' you have not a dishonest heart, but you believe in nothing except the gratification of your silly vanity, or ambition, as you call it.

7. The next was a skinny bouncing curl who affected the tone and manners of a Californian; he acted throughout the part of a coward, I scorn to mention his name.

8. Thank God there is among us a man; not so tall as thick, of a strong frame, some thirty five years old, honest countenance, sober forehead, penetrating look, fine dark whiskers.

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