The Eureka Stockade By Raffaello Carboni

 -  - We wanted to drink
a glass of porter to our future success, but there was no Bath Hotel
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- We Wanted To Drink A Glass Of Porter To Our Future Success, But There Was No Bath Hotel At The Time.

- Proceeded to inspect the famous Golden Point (a sketch of which I had seen in London in the 'Illustrated News').

The holes all around, three feet in diameter, and five to eight feet in depth, had been abandoned! we jumped into one, and one of my mates gave me the first lesson in "fossiking," - In less than five minutes I pounced on a little pouch - the yellow boy was all there, - my eyes were sparkling, - I felt a sensation identical to a first declaration of love in by-gone times. - "Great works," at last was my bursting exclamation. In old Europe I had to take off my hat half a dozen times, and walk from east to west before I could earn one pound in the capacity of sworn interpreter, and translator of languages in the city of London. Here, I had earned double the amount in a few minutes, without crouching or crawling to Jew or Christian. Had my good angel prevailed on me to stick to that blessed Golden Point, I should have now to relate a very different story: the gold fever, however, got the best of my usual judgment, and I dreamt of, and pretended nothing else, than a hole choked with gold, sunk with my darling pick, and on virgin ground. - I started the hill right-hand side, ascending Canadian Gully, and safe as the Bank of England I pounced on gold - seventeen and a half ounces, depth ten feet.

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