The Eureka Stockade By Raffaello Carboni

 -   As for bottoming his shaft at the central
point Work, that's a different thing altogether; and yet it must be - Page 50
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As For Bottoming His Shaft At The Central Point Work, That's A Different Thing Altogether; And Yet It Must Be Admitted That He Is 'all There' In His Claim, When The Hole Is Bottomed, Especially If A Drive Is To Be Put In With His Quill.

Sum total:

- He was, is, and ever will be, John Basson Humffray, Esquire, of Ballaarat; 'Honi soi qui mal y pense', because his friends want him in St. Patrick's Hall.

Chapter XXII.

Strike Off A Medal In Commemoration.

We are on Bakery-hill, though, attention. Immediate objects of the Reform League.

I. An immediate change in the management of the goldfields, by disbanding the Commissioners (undoubtedly the unanimous demand, or 'desire' - if the word suit better the well-affected - of all blue-shirts). Three cheers for Vern! Go it hearty! Fine fellow! Legs rather too long! Never mind.

II. The total abolition of the diggers' and storekeeper's licence tax. (Ah! ah! prick John Bull at his pounds, shillings and pence, that's the dodge to make him stir.)

Three cheers for Humffray! Hurrah!

The whole of the grand talk of these Bakery reformers leagued together on its hill, can properly be framed in, on a 'copper;' thus doing justice to all.

Image. LET a course of action be decided on and carried out unswervingly until the heel of our oppressors be removed from our necks. DON'T LET THE THING DROP THROUGH, for want of co-operation and support NOTA BENE. 2s. 6d. gentleman's ticket. No admission for ladies at present.

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