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Chapter XCIX.

Suppose I give now the kind (!) answer from Police-inspector HENRY FOSTER! it will give general satisfaction, I think:-

Police Department, Ballaarat, Nov. 2, 1854.

Sir, - In reply to your communication, dated 26th ultimo, on the subject of your having been deprived of your clothing during your arrest at this Camp, in December, 1855 [I think, Mr. Foster, it was in 1854] I have the honour to inform you, that to the best of my recollection, the clothing you wore when you were brought to the Camp consisted of a wide-awake hat, or cap, a red shirt, corduroy or moleskin trousers, and a pair of boots.

Of these articles, the cap, shirt, and boots were put amongst the surplus clothing taken from the other prisoners, and I am not aware how they were disposed of afterwards.

I must add, that the shirt alluded to was made of wool, under which you wore a cotton one, the latter of which you retained during your confinement.

I have the honour to be, Sir, Your obedient servant, HENRY FOSTER, Inspector of Police.


- - -

My money is not mentioned though! Very clever: and yet I know it was not Foster who did rob me.

However, good reader, if you believe that a Ballaarat miner, of sober habits and hard at work, has not got about his person, say a couple of one pound rags, well...there let's shut up the book at once, and here is the


P.S. If John Bull, cross-breed or pure blood, had been robbed in Italy, half less wantonly, and twice less cruelly, than myself, the whole British press and palaver 'in urbe or orbe terrarum' would have rung the chimes against Popish gendarmes and the holy (!) inquisition of the scarlet city. So far so good.

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