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To remain in the felon's dock whilst your JURY consult on your fate,
is a sensation very peculiar in its - Page 180
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To Remain In The Felon's Dock Whilst Your JURY Consult On Your Fate, Is A Sensation Very Peculiar In Its Kind.

To be or not to be; that is the actual matter-of-fact question.

Three letters making up the most important monosyllable in the language, which if pronounced is life, if omitted is death: an awkward position for an innocent man especially.

The jury, after twenty minutes past nine, were again in the jury-box. I was satisfied by their countenances that 'the People' were victorious.

The Clerk of the Court: "Gentlemen of the Jury, have you considered your verdict?"

Foreman: "We have."

The Clerk: "Do you find the prisoner at the bar Guilty or Not Guilty?"

Foreman, with a firm voice: "NOT GUILTY!"

'Magna opera Domini' - (God save the People) - thus my chains sprang asunder. The people inside telegraphed the good news to the crowd outside, and "Hurrah!" rent the air in the old British style.

Chapter XCI.

Accidenti Alle Spie.

I WAS soon at the portal of the Supreme Court, a free man. I thought the people would have smothered me in their demonstrations of joy. Requesting silence, I stretched forth my right hand towards heaven, and with the earnestness of a Christian did pray as follows: - I hereby transcribe the prayer as written in pencil on paper whilst in gaol in the lower cell, No. 33.

"LORD GOD OF ISRAEL, our Father in Heaven! we acknowledge our transgressions since we came into this our adopted land.

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