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5. The extent of claim allowed to each Licensed Miner
is twelve foot square, or 144 square &c.,&c.,&c - Page 170
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5. The Extent Of Claim Allowed To Each Licensed Miner Is Twelve Foot Square, Or 144 Square &C.,&C.,&C.,

- - - Examination of this gold-laced witness continued:

- 'The prisoner was the most violent speaker at the meeting.'

Good reader, see my speech at the monster meeting. I am sick of this witness and I will make no further comments.

Chapter LXXXVI.

Coglione, Il Lazzarone In Paragone.

CHARLES HENRY HACKETT, police magistrate, cross examined by Mr. Ireland:-

"There was a deputation admitted to an interview with Mr. Rede, on Thursday night, November 30th. The prisoner was one of the deputation. I think Black was the principal party in the deputation. The deputatation as well as I remember, said, that they thought in case Mr. Rede would give an assurance that he would not go out again with the police and military to collect licences, they could undertake that no disturbance would take place. Mr. Rede replied, that as threats were held out to the effect, that in case of refusal, the bloodshed would be on their (the authorities') own heads, he could not make any such engagement at the time, nor had he the power of refraining from collecting the licence fee."

By the prisoner: "I recollect Commissioner Rede saying, that the word 'licences' was merely a cloak used by the diggers, and that this movement was in reality a democratic one. You (prisoner) assured him that amongst the foreigners whom you conversed with there was no democratic feeling, but merely a spirit of resistance to the licence fee."

Mr. C. H. HACKETT you are a lover of truth:

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