The Eureka Stockade By Raffaello Carboni

 -   That there are too many fools
at large, he knows, because he has travelled half the world, what he can - Page 130
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That There Are Too Many Fools At Large, He Knows, Because He Has Travelled Half The World, What He Can Not Put Up With, Is Their Royal Cant, Religious Bosh, Toorak Small-Beer, And First And Foremost, Their Money-Grubbing Expertness.

Hence, now and then, his ink turns sour, and thereby its vitriol burns stronger. 'The Times', of which he is the founder, is the Overseer of Ballaarat, and the 'Dolce far niente' will not prosper.

Our literary prisoner was literally insulted, and could not look with enough contempt on all those accursed asses braying (at him) 'The Times!' 'The Times!'

I felt for him very much, and joined conversation with him in French. I state it as a matter of fact, that there and then I had the presentiment that all the spies pointed me out there, and only there and then as his accomplice. Towards ten o'clock we were ordered to fall in, in four rows. Now the Camp officials and their myrmidons were in their glory. They came to number their prey, and mark out a score of heads to make an 'example' of, for the better conduct of future generations. Unfortunately for my red hair, fizzing red beard, and fizzing red moustachios, my name was taken down after the armed ruffian and the anonymous scribbler, and followed by that of the nigger-rebel.

It was odious to see honourable, honest, hard-working men made the gazing stock of a parcel of pampered perverted fools, for the fun of `a change' to gratify their contempt for the blue-shirt and thick boots who had dared, mucky and muddy, to come out of their deep wet holes to hamper these gods of the land in their dog's game of licence-hunting!

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