The Eureka Stockade By Raffaello Carboni

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Sir, I Am Horrified At What I Witnessed, And I Did Not See The Worst Of It.

I could not breathe the blood-tainted air of the diggings, and I have left them for ever.

You may rely upon this simple statement, and submit it if you approve of it, to your readers.

I am, Sir.

Chapter LXI.

Ab Initio Usque Ad Finem Horribile Dictu.

- - -

Avanit Il Tuo Cospetto, Dio Potente! Grida Vendetta Il Sangue Innocente.

I. Document.

As I want to be believed, so I transcribed the following document from 'The Argus' of Friday, December 15th, 1854. - Gordon Evans, one of H.M. Captains in the Eureka massacre, now acts in the capacity of magistrate! -


The deceased deposed to the following effect: - My name is Henry Powell, I am a digger residing at Creswick-creek. I left Creswick-creek about noon on Saturday, December 2nd. I said to my mates, 'You'll get the slabs ready. I will just go over to see Cox and his family at Ballaarat.' I arrived at Ballaarat about half-past four, or thereabouts. I saw armed men walking about in parties of twenty or thirty; went to Cox's tent; put on another pair of trousers, and walked down the diggings. Looked in the ring (the stockade). After that, went home, went to bed in the tent at the back of Cox's tent, about half-past nine. On Sunday morning about four or half-past, was awoke by the noise of firing.

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