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Of the armed diggers, some made off the best way they could, others surrendered
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Of The Armed Diggers, Some Made Off The Best Way They Could, Others Surrendered Themselves Prisoners, And Were Collected In Groups And Marched Down The Gully. The Indian Dragoons, Sword In Hand, Rifle-Pistols Cocked, Took Charge Of Them All, And Brought Them In Chains To The Lock-Up.

Chapter LVII.

Dirigat Dominus Reginum Nostram.

The red-coats were now ordered to 'fall in;' their bloody work was over, and were marched off, dragging with them the 'Southern Cross.'

Their dead, as far as I did see, were four, and a dozen wounded, including Captain Wise, the identical one, I think whom I speak of in relating the events of Tuesday evening, November 28.

Dead and wounded had been fetched up in carts, waiting on the road, and all red-things hastened to Ballaarat. The following is for the edification of all the well-affected and well-disposed of the present and future generation:-

V. R. NOTICE. Government Camp, Ballaarat, Dec. 3rd, 1854. Her Majesty's forces were this morning fired upon by a large body of evil-disposed persons of various nations, who had entrenched themselves in a stockade on the Eureka, and some officers and men killed.

Several of the rioters have paid the penalty of their crime, and a large number are in custody.

All well-disposed persons are earnestly requested to return to their ordinary occupations, and to abstain from assembling in large groups, and every protection will be afforded to them by the authorities. ROBT.

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