Journals Of Two Expeditions Into The Interior Of New South Wales, 1817-18 - By John Oxley


Had there been any hill or even small eminence within thirty or forty
miles of me they must now have - Page 90
Journals Of Two Expeditions Into The Interior Of New South Wales, 1817-18 - By John Oxley - Page 90 of 354 - First - Home

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Had There Been Any Hill Or Even Small Eminence Within Thirty Or Forty Miles Of Me They Must Now Have

Been discovered, but there was not the least appearance of any such, and it was with infinite regret and pain

That I was forced to come to the conclusion, that the interior of this vast country is a marsh and uninhabitable. How near these marshes may approach the south-western coast, I know not; but I do not think that the range of high and dry land in that quarter extends back north-easterly for any great distance; it being known, that the coast from Cape Bernouilli to the head of Spencer's Gulf is sandy and destitute of water. [Note: The view from the top of Mount Brown (in lat. 32. 30. 15. S. and lon. 138. 0. 3/4. E. head of Spencer's Gulf) was very extensive, its elevation not being less than three thousand feet; but neither rivers nor lakes could be perceived, nor any thing of the sea to the south-eastward. In almost every direction the eye traversed over an uninterruptedly flat woody country, the sole exceptions being the ridge of mountains, extending north and south; and the water of the gulf to the south-westward. Flinder's Voy. Vol. I. p. 159.]

Perhaps there is no river, the history of which is known, that presents so remarkable a termination as the present: its course in a straight line from its source to its termination exceeds five hundred miles, and including its windings, it may fairly be calculated to run at least twelve hundred miles; during all which passage, through such a vast extent of country, it does not receive a single stream in addition to what it derives from its sources in the eastern mountains.

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