Journals Of Two Expeditions Into The Interior Of New South Wales, 1817-18 - By John Oxley

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Journals Of Two Expeditions Into The Interior Of New South Wales, 1817-18 - By John Oxley - Page 6 of 354 - First - Home

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The Road Which Was Cut Down Mount York Was A Work Of Considerable Labour And Magnitude, And Reflected The Highest Credit Upon All Employed In It.

This important task being finished, the governor resolved in person to visit a country of which so much had

Been said, and to judge from actual observation how far the sanguine hopes which had been entertained were likely to be realized; his excellency therefore, accompanied by Mrs. Macquarie and his suite, set out from Emu Plains on the 26th of April, 1815, and arrived on the 4th of May at a small encampment (the site of which had been previously selected), on Bathurst Plains, near the termination of Mr. Evans's journey. Governor Macquarie having been pleased to publish for the information of the colonists such observations on the country as he deemed necessary, I shall not presume to add any thing to an account, which so clearly and accurately describes all that could be interesting or beneficial to the colonist and general inquirer.

I have therefore inserted in the Appendix the account published by the Governor in the Sydney Gazette, of the 10th of June, 1815, as affording the best and most authentic information on the subject. During the Governor's stay at Bathurst, he despatched Mr. Evans, and a party with a month's provisions, to explore the country to the south-west, and it is the result of that journey which led to the expedition, the direction of which was entrusted to my command.

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