Journals Of Two Expeditions Into The Interior Of New South Wales, 1817-18 - By John Oxley

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was strongly rubbed with a magnet, and balanced on the point of the
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A Common Sewing Needle Was Strongly Rubbed With A Magnet, And Balanced On The Point Of The Rock, When It Was Much Agitated, And The Point Flew Round From The North To The South.

The needle of the circumferenter, taken out of the box, was affected in a similar manner, only that when

Balanced on the rock, the fluid did not possess sufficient power to turn the point more than one point of the circle instead of quite round, as when balanced in the compass box. A compound magnet was laid on the rock, and applied to it in different ways, but it did not seem in any manner affected by the power which had so surprised us with its effect on the compass. The weather within the last week has become perceptibly warmer: the thermometer being seldom under 70 degrees at noon. The fires of the natives were seen at no great distance from us; and they seem to attend upon our motions pretty closely. The observations made here placed us in lat. 31. 13. S., long. 148. 41. 30. E., and I estimate the mean variation to be about 7 1/2 easterly. We found that no reliance could be placed on bearings taken with the compass on heights in this vicinity, and I am fearful that the bearings taken from Mount Exmouth will require verification, a difference of 4 degrees being observed in some, when compared with other bearings, which could not be supposed to be affected by the magnetic fluid.

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