Journals Of Two Expeditions Into The Interior Of New South Wales, 1817-18 - By John Oxley

 -  Many of those stones were beautifully crystallised, and the
appearance of some kind of mineral was evident. The river sometimes - Page 180
Journals Of Two Expeditions Into The Interior Of New South Wales, 1817-18 - By John Oxley - Page 180 of 354 - First - Home

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Many Of Those Stones Were Beautifully Crystallised, And The Appearance Of Some Kind Of Mineral Was Evident.

The river sometimes swept along in fine reaches, then, becoming contracted into narrow rocky channels, rushed through those straits with extreme violence, rendering it difficult to steer the boats clear of the obstructions that presented themselves on every side:

The large boat struck twice in those narrows. The water has fallen considerably, and it does not appear to be even now at its usual level; its quality is very hard. The granite we fell in with four miles below our last encampment was of a totally different species, being much finer and closer grained, with small black specks thickly intermingled in the mass; some freestone was also seen. The botany of the country was in all respects the same as observed on our journey homewards last year; the grassy nature of the herbage preventing any material addition to our collection. Kangaroos were in great numbers, and continued to furnish us with a welcome addition to our rations.

June 16. - Our day's route was as usual over a very flat though rich country, thickly wooded with good timber of the eucalyptus and angophora species, with some fine cypresses in the looser soils, and back from the river. The country, although flat, appears considerably elevated, and is neither flooded nor swampy; the opposite side apparently of the same kind. We fell in with another small camp of natives; the women and children withdrew before we came up with them:

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