Journals Of Two Expeditions Into The Interior Of New South Wales, 1817-18 - By John Oxley

 -  About two miles from our night's
encampment, we ascended a low stony hill, from which the country
northerly was broken - Page 100
Journals Of Two Expeditions Into The Interior Of New South Wales, 1817-18 - By John Oxley - Page 100 of 354 - First - Home

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About Two Miles From Our Night's Encampment, We Ascended A Low Stony Hill, From Which The Country Northerly Was Broken Into Detached Hills; To The East Was Goulburn's Range, And To The North-West The Country Was Low Without Any Rising Grounds As Far As We Could See.

The sameness which had so wearied us during the last month was somewhat relieved by the various rising hills and low ranges which were scattered over the otherwise level surface of the country.

A hill bearing N. 15 E. received the name of Mount Torrens; it stood quite detached. Two of the men, who were about a mile ahead of the main party, fell in with a small native family, consisting of a man, two women and three children, the eldest about three years old. The man was very stout and tall; he was armed with a jagged spear, and no friendly motions of the men (who were totally unarmed) could induce him to lay it aside, or suffer them to approach him: during the short time they were with him, he kept the most watchful eye upon them; and when the men calling the dogs together were about to depart, he threw down with apparent fierceness the little bark guneah which had sheltered him and his family during the night, and made towards the river, calling loudly and repeatedly, as if to bring others to his assistance: he was quite naked, except the netted band round the waist, in which were womerahs.

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