Wanderings Among South Sea Savages And In Borneo And The Philippines By H. Wilfrid Walker

 -  The few days that I spent here,
I wandered through the narrow lanes and collected a few birds and
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Wanderings Among South Sea Savages And In Borneo And The Philippines By H. Wilfrid Walker - Page 60 of 217 - First - Home

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The Few Days That I Spent Here, I Wandered Through The Narrow Lanes And Collected A Few Birds And Butterflies.

These lanes were very dusty at the time, and were hemmed in with an uninteresting shrubby growth on each side.

The country round Florida Blanca was for the most part covered with rice-fields, which, at the time of my visit, were parched and covered with short stubble, this being the dry season. I was not very successful in my collecting, and looked forward to my visit to the mountains, which I could see in the distance, and which appeared well covered with damp-looking forests. I noticed quantities of white egrets, which settled on the backs of the water buffaloes. I would often pass these water buffaloes with their heads sticking out of a way-side pond of mud and water. They were generally used for drawing the curious wagons of the country, which were rather like those one sees in Mexico, with solid wooden wheels. Generally when I met these water buffaloes out of harness, they were horribly afraid of me and stampeded, at the same time making the most extraordinary noises, something between a squeak and a short blast on a penny trumpet. They are usually stupid-looking brutes, but this showed that they were intelligent enough to distinguish between me and a Filipino. The pigs here had three pieces of wood round their necks fastened together to form a triangle, an excellent idea, as it prevented them from breaking through the fences.

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