Wanderings Among South Sea Savages And In Borneo And The Philippines By H. Wilfrid Walker

 -  At about 3 a.m. it began to rain,
the first rain we had had in New Guinea for five - Page 120
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At About 3 A.M. It Began To Rain, The First Rain We Had Had In New Guinea For Five

Or six weeks, and that saved us, for we learned later on that about that time the Doboduras were gathering

Together for a rush on our camp, when the rain set in, and, odd as it may seem, we heard that they had a superstition against attacking in the rain. What their reason was, I never got to hear fully, but we were unaware of all these things as we silently waited and longed for the dawn to break. I never before so wished for daylight. It came at length, and what a load it took off our minds! We could now see to shoot at all events. We saw the Dobodura scouts in the distance on the edge of the forest, but we had made up our minds to "heau" (Papuan for "run away") as things were too hot for us. There was a scene of great excitement as we left, and from the noise our people made they were evidently glad to get away.

The Notus led the way, and they started to hop about, brandishing their spears. They did excellent scouting work in the long grass, rushing ahead with their spears poised. This time the rear guard was formed by some of the police. All the villages we passed through were again deserted, but we heard the enemy crying out to one another in the forest and jungle, telling each other of our whereabouts.

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