Wanderings Among South Sea Savages And In Borneo And The Philippines By H. Wilfrid Walker

 -  Visions arose before me of the part I should play
in a cannibal feast, and I expected every minute to - Page 110
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Visions Arose Before Me Of The Part I Should Play In A Cannibal Feast, And I Expected Every Minute To Feel The Sharp Point Of A Spear Entering The Small Of My Back, Just As I Had Been Seeing Our People Drive Their Spears Clean Through Some Running Pigs.

To my dismay I found the track divided, and it was impossible to tell which way the police had gone.

To turn back was out of the question. I had come a good way, and I had no idea where the rest were, and from the uproar at the back I imagined the Doboduras were coming down the track after me. I hastily decided to go by the old saying, "If you go to the right you are right," and it was well for me that I did so, as I found out later from the police that if I had gone to the left - well, there would have been nothing left of me, especially after one Dobodura meal, as the enemy were there in full force. As it was, I soon afterward came up with the police, feeling rather shaky and white.

The police had captured a middle-aged woman, whose face and part of her body were thickly plastered with clay. This was a sign of mourning. We learnt that she was a Notu woman, who had been captured some time previously by the Doboduras. She was much alarmed, and whined and beat her breasts, and caressed some of the police.

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