Wanderings Among South Sea Savages And In Borneo And The Philippines By H. Wilfrid Walker

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(the Okeinas) would like to come, he would not give them more than
tobacco, and not axes and - Page 100
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If They (The Okeinas) Would Like To Come, He Would Not Give Them More Than Tobacco, And Not Axes And Knives, Which He Gave To The Kaili-Kaili And Arifamu Carriers.

They unanimously wished to go even without payment, as they were confident that we should have some big fighting, and they, being a fighting tribe, simply wished to go with us for this reason.

Monckton sent off the carriers that night, so that they could get a good start of us. It was a bright moonlight night, and it was a picturesque scene when the fleet of canoes started off amidst a regular pandemonium of shouting and chatter. I do not suppose that this quiet spot had ever before witnessed such a sight. We were off next morning before sunrise, and continued our way in a dead calm and a blazing sun.

We soon caught up with our canoes, which had gone on in advance on the previous night. A breeze sprang up and we made good progress under sail, and soon left the canoes far behind. We saw plenty of large crocodiles, and a persevering but much disappointed shark followed us for some distance.

We camped that night just inside the mouth of the Barigi River, on the very spot where Monckton was attacked the previous year by the Baruga tribe. They had made a night attack upon him as he was encamped here with his police, and had evidently expected to take him by surprise, as they paddled quietly up.

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