The Settlement At Port Jackson, By Watkin Tench

 -   However, by a mistake of our guides,
at half past seven o'clock instead of finding ourselves on the south-west - Page 110
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However, By A Mistake Of Our Guides, At Half Past Seven O'clock Instead Of Finding Ourselves On The South-West Arm, We Came Suddenly Upon The Sea Shore, At The Head Of The Peninsula, About Midway Between The Two Arms.

Here we saw five Indians on the beach, whom we attempted to surround; but they penetrated our design, and before we could get near enough to effect our purpose, ran off.

We pursued; but a contest between heavy-armed Europeans, fettered by ligatures, and naked unencumbered Indians, was too unequal to last long. They darted into the wood and disappeared.

The alarm being given, we were sensible that no hope of success remained, but by a rapid movement to a little village (if five huts deserve the name) which we knew stood on the nearest point of the north arm, where possibly someone unapprised of our approach, might yet be found. Thither we hastened; but before we could reach it three canoes, filled with Indians, were seen paddling over in the utmost hurry and trepidation, to the opposite shore, where universal alarm prevailed. All we could now do was to search the huts for weapons of war: but we found nothing except fish gigs, which we left untouched.

On our return to our baggage (which we had left behind under a small guard near the place where the pursuit had begun) we observed a native fishing in shallow water not higher than his waist, at the distance of 300 yards from the land.

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