The Settlement At Port Jackson, By Watkin Tench

 -   This latter, anxious that his countryman should appear
to advantage in his new office, gave him many instructions, strictly charging - Page 100
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This Latter, Anxious That His Countryman Should Appear To Advantage In His New Office, Gave Him Many Instructions, Strictly Charging Him, Among Other Things, To Take Away The Lady's Plate, Whenever She Should Cross Her Knife And Fork, And To Give Her A Clean One.

This Imeerawanyee executed, not only to Mrs. McArthur, but to several of the other guests. At last Nanbaree crossed

His knife and fork with great gravity, casting a glance at the other, who looked for a moment with cool indifference at what he had done, and then turned his head another way. Stung at this supercilious treatment, he called in rage, to know why he was not attended to, as well as the rest of the company. But Imeerawanyee only laughed; nor could all the anger and reproaches of the other prevail upon him to do that for one of his countrymen, which he cheerfully continued to perform to every other person.]

Baneelon finding he could not succeed, withdrew himself for two days. At length he made his appearance, attended only by his wife. Unmindful of what had so recently happened, he marched singly up to the governor's house, and on being refused admittance, though unarmed, attempted to force the sentinel. The soldier spared him, but the guard was instantly sent for, and drawn up in front of the house; not that their co-operation was necessary, but that their appearance might terrify. His ardour now cooled, and he seemed willing, by submission, to atone for his misconduct.

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