Journal Of An Overland Expedition In Australia, By Ludwig Leichhardt

 -  I made my
latitude 11 degrees 26 minutes 18 seconds, by an observation of Regulus;
which, allowing a possible error - Page 510
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I Made My Latitude 11 Degrees 26 Minutes 18 Seconds, By An Observation Of Regulus; Which, Allowing A Possible Error

Of a few miles, confirmed me in my belief, that we were at the head of the harbour; particularly as

Baki Baki had told me that he had come this very morning from the settlement.

Dec. 16. - When we arrived with our whole train at the camp of the natives, their behaviour was quite altered, and they now showed as little inclination to guide us to the settlement, as they had been eager last night to do so. I persuaded Baki Baki, however, to go, at least part of the way; and, when we saw that he became tired, we mounted him on one of the horses, and led it by the bridle. He pointed to the W.N.W. as the direction in which the settlement lay. We travelled about five miles over stony ironstone ridges, with extensive groves of Livistona palm covering their slopes. Here Baki Baki desired to dismount; and, telling us that it was a very good road to Balanda, took his leave and returned. Soon after we came to a large creek full of water, running to the eastward, which we followed up for a long distance, before we were able to cross. Our pack-horse became bogged, and as it was so weak that it would not even make an effort to extricate itself, and as I supposed that we were near the settlement, we took off its pack-saddle and load, and left it behind. We crossed two or three more watercourses; and continued the course pointed out by the native, until it became very late, and I found myself compelled to look for water; particularly as our bullock showed evident symptoms of becoming knocked up.

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