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Preferring To Be "The Interested Onlooker" Myself This Time, When We Went To The Telegraph Office It Was The Maluka Who Wired:

"Wife coming, secure buggy", and in an incredibly short space of time the answer was back: "No buggy obtainable."

Darwin looked interested. "Mac hasn't wasted much time in making inquiries," it said.

"Or in apologies or explanations," the Maluka added shortly, and sent in reply: "Wife can ride, secure suitable mount."

But the Sanguine Scot's fighting blood was up, and almost immediately the wire rapped out: "No side-saddle obtainable. Stock horses all flash"; and the onlookers stared in astonishment.

"Mac's in deadly earnest this time," they said, and the Maluka, with a quiet "So am I," went back to the telegraph.

Now, in the Territory everybody knows everybody else, but particularly the telegraph people; and it often happens that when telegrams of general interest are passing through, they are accompanied by confidential asides - little scraps of harmless gossip not intended for the departmental books; therefore it was whispered in the tail of the last message that the Katherine was watching the fight with interest was inclined to "reckon the missus a goer," and that public sympathy was with the stockman - the Katherine had its women-folk and was thankful; but the Katherine knew that although a woman in a settlement only rules her husband's home, the wife of a station-manager holds the peace and comfort of the stockmen in the hollow of her hand.

"Stock horses all flash," the Sanguine Scot said, and then went out and apologised to an old bay horse.

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