A Lady's Visit To The Gold Diggings Of Australia In 1852-53 By Mrs Charles (Ellen) Clacy


Another day, when passing the Post-office, a regular tropical shower of
rain came on rather suddenly, and I hastened - Page 20
A Lady's Visit To The Gold Diggings Of Australia In 1852-53 By Mrs Charles (Ellen) Clacy - Page 20 of 201 - First - Home

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Another Day, When Passing The Post-Office, A Regular Tropical Shower Of Rain Came On Rather Suddenly, And I Hastened Up To The Platform For Shelter.

As I stood there, looking out into Great Bourke Street, a man and, I suppose, his wife passed by.

He had a letter in his hand for the post; but as the pathway to the receiving-box looked very muddy, he made his companion take it to the box, whilst he himself, from beneath his umbrella, complacently watched her getting wet through. "Colonial politeness," thought I, as the happy couple walked on.

Sometimes a jovial wedding-party comes dashing through the streets; there they go, the bridegroom with one arm round his lady's waist, the other raising a champagne-bottle to his lips; the gay vehicles that follow contain company even more unrestrained, and from them noisier demonstrations of merriment may be heard. These diggers' weddings are all the rage, and bridal veils, white kid gloves, and, above all, orange blossoms are generally most difficult to procure at any price.

At times, you may see men, half-mad, throwing sovereigns, like halfpence, out of their pockets into the streets; and I once saw a digger, who was looking over a large quantity of bank-notes, deliberately tear to pieces and trample in the mud under his feet every soiled or ragged one he came to, swearing all the time at the gold-brokers for "giving him dirty paper money for pure Alexander gold; he wouldn't carry dirt in his pocket; not he; thank God!

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