A Lady's Visit To The Gold Diggings Of Australia In 1852-53 By Mrs Charles (Ellen) Clacy

 -  Nowhere could you turn your
eye without meeting 30,000 oz. wanted immediately; highest price
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A Lady's Visit To The Gold Diggings Of Australia In 1852-53 By Mrs Charles (Ellen) Clacy - Page 160 of 201 - First - Home

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Nowhere Could You Turn Your Eye Without Meeting "30,000 Oz.

Wanted immediately; highest price given;" "10,000 oz.

Want to consign per - - ; extra price given to immediate sellers," &c. Outwardly it seemed a city of gold, yet hundreds were half perishing for want of food, with no place of shelter beneath which to lay their heads. Many families of freshly-arrived emigrants - wife, children, and all - slept out in the open air; infants were born upon the wharves with no helping hand near to support the wretched mother in her misery.

How greatly the last few weeks had enlarged Melbourne. Cities of tents encompassed it on all sides; though, as I said before, the trifling comfort of a canvas roof above them, was denied to the poorest of the poor, unless a weekly tax were paid!

But I must return to ourselves. Our first business the next morning was to find for our little Jessie some permanent home; for all our movements were so uncertain - I myself, thinking of a return to the old country - that it was considered advisable to obtain for her some better friends than a set of volatile, though good-hearted young fellows - not the most suitable protection for a young girl, even in so lax a place as the colonies. We never thought of letting her return to England, for there the life of a female, who has her own livelihood to earn, is one of badly-paid labour, entailing constant privation, and often great misery - if not worse.

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