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 -   Further light
is thrown on the controversy by a correspondence which took place
between Butler and Darwin in 1865, shortly - Page 3
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Further Light Is Thrown On The Controversy By A Correspondence Which Took Place Between Butler And Darwin In 1865, Shortly After Butler's Return To England.

During that year Butler had published a pamphlet entitled THE EVIDENCE FOR THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST AS GIVEN BY THE FOUR EVANGELISTS CRITICALLY EXAMINED, of which he afterwards incorporated the substance into THE FAIR HAVEN.

Butler sent a copy of this pamphlet to Darwin, and in due course received the following reply:-

Down, Bromley, Kent. September 30 [1865].

My dear Sir, - I am much obliged to you for so kindly sending me your Evidences, etc. We have read it with much interest. It seems to me written with much force, vigour, and clearness; and the main argument to me is quite new. I particularly agree with all you say in your preface.

I do not know whether you intend to return to New Zealand, and, if you are inclined to write, I should much like to know what your future plans are.

My health has been so bad during the last five months that I have been confined to my bedroom. Had it been otherwise I would have asked you if you could have spared the time to have paid us a visit; but this at present is impossible, and I fear will be so for some time.

With my best thanks for your present,

I remain, My dear Sir, Yours very faithfully, Charles Darwin.

To this letter Butler replied as follows:-

15 Clifford's Inn, E.C. October 1st, 1865.

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