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We must have travelled two or three hours when all of a sudden I heard
a noise afar, and I - Page 90
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We Must Have Travelled Two Or Three Hours When All Of A Sudden I Heard A Noise Afar, And I Drew Up And Listened.

The noise was the barking of dogs, and it seemed to come from a piece of woods on the other side of the field which lay to the right of the road.

The next instant something shot out from under the trees and began going over the field in ten-foot hops. I sat staring without understanding, but when I saw a lot of brown and white spots bounce out of the wood, and saw, a long way back in the open field, two red-coated men on horseback, the truth flashed upon me that this was the hunt. The creature in front was the stag, who had chosen to come this way, and the dogs and the horses was after him, and I was here to see it all.

Almost before I got this all straight in my mind the deer was nearly opposite me on the other side of the field, going the same way that we were. In a second I clapped spurs into my tricycle and was off. In front of me was a long stretch of down grade, and over this I went as fast as I could work my pedals; no brakes or holding back for me. My blood was up, for I was actually in a deer hunt, and to my amazement and wild delight I found I was keeping up with the deer.

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