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about twelve o'clock at night, but there was the custom-house officers - Page 218
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When We Arrived In England We Got Ashore About Twelve O'clock At Night, But There Was The Custom-House Officers As Civil And Obliging As Any People Could Be, Ready To Tend To Us And Pass Us On.

And when I thought of them, and afterward of the lordly hirelings who met us here, I couldn't help feeling what a glorious thing it would be to travel if you could get home without coming back.

Jone tried to comfort me by telling me that we ought to be very glad we don't like this sort of thing. "In many foreign countries," said he, "people are a good deal nagged by their governments and they like it; we don't like it, so haul up your flag."

I hauled it up, and it's flying now from the tiptop of my tallest mast. In an hour our train starts, and I shall see Corinne before the sun goes down.

End of Pomona's Travels, by Frank R. Stockton

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